Welton's World - Entry No. 7

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Jan. 10, 2008

Our team has talked about it for months and it is finally here: Mid-American Conference play. Everyone is so excited about the conference season, and all the adversity and triumphs that the team has faced thus far has simply prepared us for the next three months.

I haven't played in a conference game in almost two years, and I'm quite unfamiliar with many of the players in the MAC. This really excites me and I almost feel like a freshman again. I think having the opportunity to go into conference play a bit unaware of the style and personnel on the varied teams in the MAC will be an asset to me. One reason being, many of the teams in the make are unaware of my skills. Being that I sat out last year, the only frame of reference MAC coaches have concerning me is a few tapes from past games this season. I plan to use that to my advantage, and in knowing this, play a little more at ease.

I'm so excited about what our team can do in the MAC this year. We've competed against some of the best competition in the country, and regardless of the end result, we gained valuable experience. I think that everyone is confident and really ready to claim our place atop the MAC. The team has been practicing well and everyone has really committed to increasing their focus and intensity levels.

Last week, the team participated in a team bonding session with a motivational speaker. I absolutely loved her approach, and her insight was precise and well-received. She discussed how 2008 is a new beginning for the Huskies, and everything we say we need to move to the next level are things we already have. It's time to put the pieces together, and create a beautiful portrait of what I believe to be an exciting and successful conference season. It's a new year and a renewed opportunity for the Huskies to have success. This won't be easy, but with hard work, dedication, and heart, success in the MAC will be fun and well worth it.

I want to wish all of our fans and staff at NIU a blessed and prosperous New Year. Your support is not overlooked and greatly appreciated. I will see you all on Saturday against Ball State!

Shari' Welton #2



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