Welton's World - Entry No. 8

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Jan. 15, 2008

I must admit it gets harder coming up with things to say to you. Losing is hard to cope with individually and as a team, but it's even harder to share with others. I know this team has the talent and drive to win games, and it's frustrating when we exhibit that against a team like Ball St. and still come up short.

Everything seemed to be going our way in that game. We were knocking down shots, playing intense on defense, and attacking on offense. But when the final buzzer sounded, the scoreboard showed a loss. Even though we lost to Ball St. our performance as a team exhibited the level of intensity at which we can play, and the success we have when we play together. When we put those two aspects of our game together, we can compete with and beat some of the best teams in college basketball.

I assure you all that the Huskies have in no way given up, or given in to the lack of success we have experienced up to this point. There are still more conference games ahead, and success for our program is still within our grasp. We are on the brink of making a big push in the MAC, and gaining respect in the conference. As hard as losing is, as frustrated and depressed as it can make you, it still can be used as a tool for growth. As long as our team understands that principle and views shortcomings as steps to improvement, losses are not all in vain.

Shari' Welton #2



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