Welton's World - Entry No. 9

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Jan. 22, 2008

After splitting two games this week, the glaring disparity in our play at home versus on the road has become quite apparent. It's really odd when you actually sit down and think about it. How can playing the same game with the same teammates and coaches be so much more difficult with just a simple change in locale? I along with countless others am desperately trying to find the answer to this question. In attempting to fathom a solution, I've realized mental toughness, unity, consistency, and leadership are the only remedy for our lack of success on the road.

We obviously feel that we are a better team than our road record, and even our overall record reflects, but words and ideas mean nothing without action. Yesterday our coaches conveyed that same notion to us in practice. It was very hard, but the lesson behind the practice was what they were hoping would remain with the team. We had to do drills and other things throughout practice that forced us to come together as a unit. When exhaustion would reach its peak, that was the time when we all had to step out of our individual comfort zones and help one another get through the adversity.

I hate to lose, and I feel that my teammates and coaches do as well. Coach presented an interesting point to the team yesterday during practice that really stayed with me, "Are you sick of running, or are you sick of losing." That statement means a lot, because when you truly are fed up with consistent failure in any aspect of life, you do whatever you possibly can to get the results you want without focusing on consequences. That's what the Huskies need to do, and that's what we will do. We will win because there is nothing left to do. We will win because we know nothing else. We will win because we can, we want to, and we believe we will.

Shari' Welton #2



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