Coach Owens' Blog for June 22



June 22, 2009

Hello fellow Huskies,

After an extremely busy May full of conferences, conventions and of course USA Basketball tryouts, I am finally back in DeKalb and it feels great! Summer seems to officially be here and I am sporting my summer braids to celebrate.

This time of the year also means that our team, including our incoming freshmen are here on campus for summer school and strength and conditioning. My hope is to spend as much time as possible with the team before I leave for USA Basketball. They are so much fun to be around and definitely keep me informed on all the latest music, dances and fashion.

We had a cookout at my house last Wednesday. The weather was perfect and the hamburgers and hotdogs were even better thanks to grill master Coach Murray. We played bags and had a "friendly" game of touch football. Well it was friendly for the most part but it seems that Coach Oesterle has a bit of a competitive streak that leads to spontaneous bursts of throwing people on the ground. I think her team least I hope so. I also learned that Ebony Ellis is an amazing wide receiver and running back. Stay away Coach Kill. Just kidding!

Another event that takes place during the summer is our basketball camps. We've just begun our guard and post position camp. We have a good group of campers and they are working very hard. Our players are working the camps and putting their coaching hats on. It is fun to watch them coach and work with the campers.

Well, 16 more days before I report to Colorado Springs. I'm really looking forward to going to Bangkok. I don't know much about Thailand so I will do some research before I go. It is absolutely amazing to think that I get to travel the world all because of basketball. What an honor and wonderful opportunity to represent our county.

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