Coach Owens Blog for July 6



July 6, 2009

Okay Huskie family, friends and supporters,

I am off to hit the recruiting trail for two and half days and then straight to Colorado for training camp. I am really excited to get the ball bouncing again. I love coaching. It is my passion.

I will be blogging often to keep you up to date on training camp and eventually our competition in Bangkok. That is once I figure out how to get my computer working in Thailand. I will represent NIU with pride!

I want give a special shout out to my 11 daughters. They are having a great summer so far. Please keep up the good work while I am gone. I will miss you all very much.

To my staff, thank you for allowing me to be with USA Basketball for the fourth straight year. I know you will hold the fort down while I am away.

Go Huskies!



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