A blog by Head Coach Carol Owens for July 18



July 18, 2009

Hello Huskies,

Well the day has finally come and we are leaving for Bangkok, Thailand. We wrapped up training camp last evening on a pretty good note. I think we put together our best scrimmage of the camp and we are definitely making progress. We are all ready to get this 18 hour flight over with and let the games begin! Everytime we huddle up after practice we simply say "Gold" on the count of three. After our last practice in Colorado Springs we huddled as typical and said "Gold" but it felt different. We are getting close to accomplishing what we set out to do and I think the team feels it!

Other than training and staff meetings, I did manage to find some time to get my hair re-braided. All I can say is OUCH! My braids are so tight that I feel as though I must constantly look suprised. LOL. I hope they loosen up over time.

No nature incidents to report this time. Although Coach Butler claims to have seen a large amount of 50 point Bucks crossing the road. I'm not sure there is such a thing but hey, after our wild walk, anything is possible. The next time I blog I will be in Bangkok and have many exciting and new adventures to share.

"Think Gold" and Go Huskies!

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2009 FIBA U19 World Championships



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