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Nov. 16, 2007

In It For the Long Haul

After 12 consecutive days of practice and games at home and on the road, we now own a 2- 1 record. The path to our record began with our home and season opener against Bradley University. The game was fairly close throughout and we were able to escape with an eight- point victory. Following the game against Bradley, we set out to pick up our first road win against Chicago State. Unfortunately, we just couldn't seem to escape with a win. It was disheartening to lose, but it was also something we needed in order for us to gain back our focus on and off the court. The loss proved that there were still things we needed to work on both collectively and individually.

The way in which you respond and bounce back from a loss is crucial, and our game against Western Illinois confirmed that the adjustments we made as a unit were well worth it. The score of the game fluctuated numerous times, and momentum and intensity were the deciding factors. After the buzzer sounded, the one point advantage we sealed served as a reminder of our imperfections, but also our perseverance. We never gave up during that game, and that made all the difference in the world.

Now it's time to venture to Cancun, Mexico! We are all extremely excited about the opportunity to play in a different country against great competition in the form of Michigan State and Tulane. Getting away from the harsh DeKalb wind and cold temperatures will simply be a plus. We depart for Cancun this Sunday and will be staying until Friday. Sure, home- cooked family Thanksgiving meals will be missed, but the tropical climate and ocean view will certainly compensate for that.

Overall, this has been an interesting, action- packed, and emotionally trying two weeks, but it was all well worth it, and it will help with the challenges we will face from our opponents in Cancun. Aside from competition, we will also get opportunities to experience fun activities and sites that Mexico has to offer. In short, we just plan to have fun, win some games, and experience an opportunity that most people only dream about. So look out Mexico, here come the Huskies!



Shari' Welton #2

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