Welton's World - Entry No. 4

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Dec. 6, 2007

Looking Forward

As most of you have either seen or fathomed from the papers, it has been a bit of a rocky road for us as of late. We've had some tough injuries and losses over the past few weeks, but I'm encouraged to know that we had this week of practice to get healthy and regroup. We have an opportunity to really shake things up in the Iowa tournament this weekend, and the extra days of practice will certainly help to ensure that. It seems as though we've been away from the Convocation Center floor for forever, but these road games, along with the adversity that we are currently facing, are only working to make us a better team.

In terms of the Hawkeye Challenge, we depart Friday morning and play on Saturday and Sunday. We will face Iowa on Saturday, and we are expecting a hard fought and physical contest. Our opponents for Sunday have yet to be announced, but regardless of who we face, our tactic is the same for Iowa: win. This Iowa tournament is a great opportunity for our team to get back in the winning column and gain some momentum for our opponents following finals week.

Finally, we appreciate the support of all of our fans, and we will continue to need it to guarantee a successful season. We will continue to work hard, and the injuries and adversity will soon be over. I'm excited to see the type of team we will be when the smoke clears.>/p>

Shari' Welton #2



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