Welton's World - Entry No. 5

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Dec. 19, 2007

Sometimes it seems as though the only thing I do is play basketball. At times games and practice outweigh and overshadow what happens off the court. So this time around, I decided to let you in on what goes on when my teammates and I aren't at the Convocation Center.

This past week was a rather interesting one. After we returned from Iowa, there was a shooting threat that resulted in the closing of campus the following day. My teammates and I were a bit nervous about the ordeal, but we still had to study and focus on finals. Many of us were able to get our minds off of the threat by just hanging out together, playing video games, and watching movies (when we weren't studying of course!). Coach Owens also was instrumental in helping us deal with what was happening on campus by encouraging us to discuss our feelings, and or fears concerning the threat. This gave everyone a chance to speak honestly about their sentiments, and in turn I believed it eased everyone's tensions a bit.

Besides the shooting threat on campus, finals came and went, and winter break is upon us. For me, winter break is a time to catch up on sleep, eat, watch TV, and most importantly: play basketball. And I've been doing just that. Everyone on the team is also very excited to go home for a few days for Christmas. After our win on Friday (my prediction), it will be nice to spend time with friends and family and rest before our road swing at the end of the month.

Finally, I want to wish all of the staff at Northern, fans, and supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year!

Shari' Welton #2



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