Q & A With Junior Gymnast Jennifer Rice

GO HUSKIES Junior Jennifer Rice
Junior Jennifer Rice

Feb. 23, 2007

Q & A With Jennifer Rice
By Danielle Anderson
NIU Media Relations Student Assistant

Q: What do you enjoy most about being a gymnast at NIU?
A: "I love my teammates. We are all really close, inside and outside of the gym. They are like a second family to me."

Q: What do you do to prepare before a meet? Any superstitions or rituals?
A: "I like to listen to calming music before I compete. I enjoy listening to John Mayer and some R&B."

Q: Who has inspired you most throughout your career?
A: "I would have to say my mom inspires me the most. I have been competing in gymnastics since I was five years old, and through all the ups and downs she has always supported me. She helps to keep me level-headed. As for gymnastics, I have always looked up to Amanda Borden and the way she performs on the beam, and Dominique Dawes."

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment as an NIU gymnast?
A: "Getting back into the line-up, after undergoing [knee] surgery in November, was a big accomplishment for me. After two months, my first meet back was at Iowa. I was only supposed to warm-up with the team; however, I ended up competing."

Q: What are some goals for you or your team this year?
A: "I think that a goal for our team would be to place in the top three in the MAC this year."

Q: If you could compete in another sport at NIU besides gymnastics, what would it be?
A: "I believe I would play basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport to play and watch. I love watching the Bulls and Miami Heat, and I especially love Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett."

Q: Where is your favorite location to compete?
A: "Denver is probably my favorite place. I loved the atmosphere and scenery, and the team was very welcoming and friendly."