Marci Miller Jobson World Cup Blog - Oct. 1

GO HUSKIES Marci Miller Jobson and the U.S. team fell 4-0 to Brazil in the semifinal.
Marci Miller Jobson and the U.S. team fell 4-0 to Brazil in the semifinal.

Oct. 1, 2007

Note: This entry from Marci Miller Jobson was written prior to the U.S. team's third-place match on Sunday.

When participating in any sport, a team quickly learns the emotional rollercoaster of athletic events. On a given day a team that is on top of the mountain might later find itself treading water to stay afloat! In the semi-final game we suffered out first loss in 5l events to the talented Brazilians, who that day played better soccer.

The game began with a rocky start when Leslie Osborne cleared a ball with her head and sent it into our goal giving Brazil a 1-0 lead. It was a mistake that could happen to any player. Leslie rebounded from that error playing a good and hard game and battling for 90 minutes. I am proud of her and consider her to be a future leader of the team, as her selflessness and character always shine!

Then at the 40th minute teammate Shannon Boxx received a second yellow card on a seriously debatable call. The referee's decision not only left us playing a person down, but also drastically affected the remainder of the game. Regardless of our quest for victory, we were simply outdone by a creative, impressive squad.

The second half proved no difference. Playing minus a player, we tried to keep in sync with the opponent. Four goals later the final whistle blew. As I write, I still am queasy, when I ponder the major loss.

Throughout this tournament I have learned so much about always winning and losing with class. Taking mental notes, I think about how I want to represent the U.S.A., NIU, and myself.

I look back at my soccer career and well understand that defeat has always led to growth. In the cloudy fog of a major loss, an athlete can be consumed with anguish and gloom, but I keep recalling Oswald Chambers who stated in Utmost for His Highest, "Out of the wreck you will rise!"

The Women's U.S. Team will rise again and play hard for victory in Sunday's third/fourth place match. Our aim is to complete the Tournament playing our best soccer.



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