Goalkeeper Lindsey Curnock

GO HUSKIES Goalkeeper Lindsey Curnock holds the MAC career shutout record with 28
Goalkeeper Lindsey Curnock holds the MAC career shutout record with 28

Oct. 1, 2009

DEKALB, Ill. -

You've been the starting in goal for all four years, can you tell me how it felt to start in goal as a freshman here, and how it has changed now that it is four years later?

As a freshman I was kind of just thrown into the goal. I think I was just lucky that I got to start as a freshman. It was really nerve-racking as a freshman. It was very difficult to adjust to the college game, and slowly over the years I feel like I've adjusted more and more. I feel like I have become more vocal, and more of a leader on and off the field.

As a freshman you had the second-highest shutouts in school history with seven.How do you think making such a mark in just your freshman season has helped you in later seasons with the Huskies?

I think that it really boosted my confidence. I was thrown into the situation as goalkeeper and I made the best of it. I just think being able to do that as a freshman it set a really good foundation for me to improve on over the years.

In the 2007 season, you were ranked 14th nationally in goals-against average. How has that motivated you in the 2008 and 2009 seasons? 

Anytime you are ranked nationally it is obviously a really big honor and it is really cool. So I think it set my standard even higher, than what I had already set for myself. It's another goal for me to try and meet.

You also control the NIU career shutouts record, a record you broke in your 2007 season. Can you tell me how you feel about being the all-time NIU leader in career shutouts?

It is obviously an honor. I really think that the shutout record, while it's awarded to the goalkeeper, is really a team award as well. It's really cool to see that our freshman class came in, and we made an impact right away. I got a shutout record my freshman year, and then went on to get the NIU career record my sophomore year. I think it just shows that our entire class just came in and made an impact right away.



You hold the NIU record for most shutouts in a season for both 2007 & 2008 at nine. Can you tell me how you felt when you realized that you had reached this accomplishment?

The last few seasons, it's been kind of funny because I am not one to pay attention to stats and stuff like that. I've always just taken things one game at a time, and moved on. It was funny when someone told me that I was going to break the record, I didn't think much of it.

Currently, you are among the top-four NIU women's soccer players in career saves, with 249. Can you describe your experience every time you make a save?

Well, for me sometimes it's best if I don't think about what's going on. A lot of times, if I think about it, I will over think it, and that is when I wind up not making the save or catching it clean. Most of the times, I just have to relax and not think about things and just let my body take over and let it just happen.

This past weekend you broke the MAC record for career shutouts. Can you describe how it feels to accomplish such an honor?

It obviously feels great. I think it really shows how strong our team is and how far we have come over the last few seasons.

How do you think it will help the Huskies as you move forward into the season?

I think that it will be a motivator for me and the team because it such a big honor. I think our whole team will like to increase the shutout record even further, and hopefully, it will put NIU in the record books and keep us there.

This season you are an instrumental part of the Huskie defense, do you feel that you are leader to the team on the field?

I definitely try to be a leader. As a goalkeeper you are pushed into a leadership position because you have to organize people on set pieces, on free kicks, on cornerkicks, and stuff like that. I can see the entire field and no one else has that point of view, so my job is to help organize.

I have definitely gotten better in the leadership position over the years. Reflecting back, what honor/record are you most proud of achieving?

Probably the MAC shutout record, because it helps put NIU out there a little more. It helps us get recognition as a team, instead of just me at the school. It really helps NIU get out there.

What has been your most memorable game that you think you have played in as a Huskie?

I think my most memorable game would be the 2006 MAC Tournament game against Toledo when I was a freshman. We lost to 2-1, but we had lost earlier in the season to Toledo, like 3-0. We came back and we battled Toledo so hard in the championship game. I was a freshman playing in the championship and against Toledo who is a really good team. Also, this past weekend we tied Toledo, and we had lost to them for a couple of years running. I think those two games really stand out because they're really memorable.

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