2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Joelle Beisel

After a stressful week of school, volleyball and trying to get all of our passports on time the NIU volleyball team was packed and ready to go to Europe. We arrived at the convo at 12:15. Before departing we had a send off from Amy Ward's family. We also had a surprise greeting from Irene Johnson's family videotaping our arrival. Our plane was delayed by one hour, but finally boarded our plane and took off for Amsterdam.

Our flight lasted eight hours. We arrived safely, but extremely tired. We had around four hours before our next flight so we explored Amsterdam's airport…some of us explored the inside of our eyelids. However the most interesting that happened was helping a Tanzanian woman find her gate. She couldn't speak any English and was very lost. She had information written in English that told her where to go. We don't think that she's ever been at an airport or traveled a lot before. She fell up and down the escalator-everyone fell on top of her. We finally got her to her destination, and she was very thankful. We made our connecting flight and arrived in Vienna around 4p local time, grabbed our bags and met Cory our tour guide.

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