2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Day One
Laura Baetzel

It was a great feeling arriving in Vienna. I have never been on a plane for that long before. That great feeling lasted only a few minutes before walking outside. Wow it was cold, and to top it off it was snowing. The whole ride to the hotel I was thinking about curling up in bed and sleeping. That thought also only lasted a few minutes as my mind shifted while looking out the van window and seeing miles of great shopping!

After arriving at the hotel we were informed that there would be no sleeping. Nope, we were on our way to sightsee. We took many trains and shuttles to get to where we were going. Our first stop was one of the largest churches in Vienna. It was absolutely breathtaking! We continued to walk through the centre and saw some beautiful buildings. A lot of pictures were taken, but hard to concentrate because of how cold we all were.

Out last stop for the night was a small restaurant where we all tried different types of European foods. I was up for trying anything and it turned out to be pretty good. Then it was off to the hotel for a good night sleep so that we can continue our trip tomorrow. I can't wait to see what else Europe has in store for us.

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