2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Gina Guide
Brno, Czech

Today we found out what it was like to be a foreigner. We spent a day in the Czech Republic and there was a task for us as soon as we got there. This task was probably one of if not the first tasks I was ever nervous about. Cory, our trip leader, gave Kate and I 1,200 Czech crowns for the team and only the team to go around the "center" of the city and find a place to eat somehow order and return to the meeting place in one hour. As soon as he said this I was freaking out! We didn't know their language, we didn't know what food was good and I'm a girl who loves food and I get a little testy if I'm hungry. Needless to say, it was an experience! After walking around for a bit we found a restaurant, sat down and ordered water with no bubbles. As we were sitting there we found out that not a single person around us spoke English. The waitress didn't even want to come over because she didn't understand us and we didn't understand her. As our time was winding down, the girls were getting hungry (myself included) we needed an idea of how to get food fast. I looked over at a man near us and asked everyone if it was okay if we ordered what he had. No one objected so we tried ordering nine of what the man had, but the waitress couldn't understand us. She left and came back with a girl who spoke English!! We finally ordered our food ate, paid for the bill, give the woman a tip (which seemed weird to them) and left. And our breath will never be the same.

After this adventure, we were able to all do something that we all know and love, PLAY VOLLEYBALL! Although there were a few rule changes, we were not foreign for the two hours we were in the gym and it felt awesome. I wish our parents were there to cheer us on!

Coach's note: we played against a team from Brno - played well for the extensive travel and lost four close games. It gave us a good base to work from.

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