2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Maria Benitez

We are day four of our amazing trip and of course we are headed to do some wondrous things. Today we are leaving Austria for Slovenia. The trip to Slovenia was amazing! The scenery was really beautiful. Words can't explain how beautiful, but I will try.

On the trip we came across we came across some of the biggest mountains that were really tall and rocky and covered with snow. It was just beautiful. Then we came across the Swiss alps and it was awesome as well. Since we were traveling by way of the mountains we had to go through them. Austria and Slovenia made tunnels that made travel easier and more direct. We went through a tunnel that was six miles long, and is one of the longest in Europe. It was cool to drive through it, but it felt like we were never going to see daylight again.

When we crossed the border into Slovenia the first town we stopped to tour was Bled. We walked to a huge lake that had an island in the middle. On the top of the mountain was a church. All provided a great scene. We took pictures with ducks right on the pier.

After hour, traveled to the capital city of Ljubljana. We saw the foreign ministry and the U.S. Embassy. We parked and were given money to eat. We heard that there was a subway restaurant in town so we walked about seven blocks to find it. We were thankful to have our first familiar meal on the trip. After lunch we spent about two hours touring and shopping. The shoes in Europe are the best because they are very unique and different. They are also very expensive. Walking Ljubljana was very nice. There was also a pretty river that ran through town.

After Ljubljana, we traveled to the city of Maribor where we'll spend three days. Our hotel is located at the base of a huge ski mountain. The city is beautiful. For dinner we ate more "normal" food of pizza and pasta.

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