2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Mandi Caputo

Thursday morning we went to the center in Maribor to the Kojak Statue. We walked around the center for a while, and then we went to Europark, which is an indoor mall downtown. For lunch we took the ski lift to one of the mountain lodges for lunch with sausages that tasted okay. The chair lift on the way down was the coldest I've been on the so far.

After lunch we to the gym to watch a men's team practice. They were really good. It was interesting to watch them practice because the coach didn't say a word. All he did was blow his whistle and the guys understood. Our match was so much fun except for the fact that we lost. Volleyball is the best thing to do here because it's the one thing that we feel comfortable doing in Europe.

For dinner we went on a gondola (a four person cable car) that goes all the way up the mountain. It was really scary. It also didn't help that our gondola stopped at the steepest part of the mountain. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely amazing. You could see the whole city all lit up. After dinner, some of us took played with one-person sleds on one the hills. It was both fun and scary at the same time. You go extremely fast and you really can't stop without falling off. We took the gondola back while the coaches took the sleds all the way down the mountain.

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