2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Irene Johnson

Today we drove and hour away from Maribor to a town called Mslinja. We were all pretty pumped because we didn't leave the hotel until 12 which meant we got to sleep in. when we got there we stopped by an elementary school. Three 5 year olds showed us their super sweet dance moves-that was cute. When we left the school we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We had noodle soup that was very good, rice, potatoes and three different kinds of meats. After that we drove to these huge ski jumps. The coaches went down them on sleds, which was extremely entertaining to watch. We have it on tape so if there's such a thing as "Europe's Funniest Home Videos" we have a shot of winning the grand prize. When that was done we went to the gym. We know now what it feels like to be famous because we were surrounded by little who followed us everywhere, shook our hands and took pictures of us on their camera phones. They were everywhere! We won all five games that we played. It felt good to end with a win. Then we went to eat dinner (tons of meat of course) with some the girls from the other team. It was a lot of fun getting to know them. We came back to Maribor for one last night, and now we're about to get some sleep before our big day in Vienna tomorrow.

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