2006 Europe Trip Diary

Diary Entries
Amy Ward
Back to Vienna

Today we left Maribor, Slovenia at about 9:30am. We drove about three hours to Vienna. Most of slept, listened to music or read. We can't seem to get enough sleep. When we arrive to Vienna around 12:30, we went to a restaurant for lunch. We ate Kebaps, which are sandwiches with lamb, beef or chicken. They were pretty good.

We were happy that Rad (short for Radavan) one of our foreign tour friends/guides came back. We told home all of the words we learned in Slovenian:

I love you:ljubim te

We told Rad that we loved him; he was speechless.

After lunch, we split up for lunch downtown. There were lots of cool stores with really long pants. All of the tall girls were in heaven. We also ate gelato-it was the best ice cream ever! It's probably a good thing that we don't have it a lot in the U.S. because we would eat it all the time. Overall it's been a great time, but we all miss our families and our own beds. Tomorrow we will get up early for the airport so we are trying to decide if we should go to bed early or stay it all night. We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

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