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June 10, 2011



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A blog from China by sophomore middle blocker Mary Kurisch.

Hi again everyone!

We made it to China!  After a 13-hour overnight flight, four-hour layover, another two-hour flight and a bus ride that turned into seven hours, we finally made it to our first hotel.  The overnight flight was not bad; we pretty much slept for most of it.  After we landed we all had Chinese-style KFC.  It was not like the KFC's we have at home, but they did still have a spicy chicken sandwich.  One of the surprising things on the dessert menu was beans with crushed ice with or without jelly.  None of us were brave enough to try it.
Originally, the bus ride was only supposed to be five hours, but with a traffic jam and a couple wrong turns, it turned into seven.  One time we made a wrong exit and our tour guide got out of the bus and ran behind us as the bus reversed the whole length of the exit ramp! 

Our first hotel is the Hotspring Grand Hotel.  It is in Shauguang, Shandong, China.  The hotel is very nice and everyone is very helpful to us.  They had a sign-up to welcome the volleyball teams staying here.  Besides our BIP/USA team, the Stanford volleyball team is also staying here.
So far we have not really had a chance to learn too much about the culture or to sightsee, but we will soon get the chance!  Most of the signs here have English on them, especially in the hotel.  Another thing we have noticed is some of the toliets are a bit different than back home.  In the airport, the toliet was like a hole in the ground.  But luckily there were some regular toliets too.  I guess that in most public places the toliets are all like that one in the airport.
It is Saturday morning here right now and its still Friday night back home.  We all just ate breakfast at our hotel and now were all just resting and working on adjusting to the time differences.  For most of us that difference is 12 to 15 hours.  Later after lunch we will practice and have a banquet with the other teams playing in the tournament, which starts tomorrow.  I am excited for our first match!
Well that's whats new for now!



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