Blog Entry #2 -- Bloggin' From China -- Part II



July 7, 2012

A blog from China by senior middle blocker Mary Kurisch.

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Hey everyone!

Here is a recap of our last two days...

Yesterday, we woke up and ate breakfast and then went to the gym to have a serve and pass practice session before our match later that day. After lunch we had some down time to relax and we watched the All-Star team play.

After dinner it was time for our match -- we played the Tianjin team, who last year got second in the professional league in China. We came out with a lot more fire but lost a close first set. The Tianjin team played very well, and despite our efforts, we lost the match.

After the match some of us wanted to explore Tianjin. We found a convenience store where we were able to get some snacks and we found a place to get some pizza. It took us a while to convey what we wanted without our translator there, but the pizza was very good!

Today, we woke up and went to the Tianjin Exhibition Center and Little Italian Town. When we toured the Tianjin Exhibition Center we got to see a scale model of Tianjin. It was really interesting to see the places we had been in relation to the rest of the city. It was amazing the things the tour guide was telling us. She kept telling us about each part of the city and what was going to be done with different parts of the city in the future. There was a plan to renovate each part of the city and turn it into something like a new business district.

After the tour, we got to walk around Little Italian Town. It was full of many cute restaurants and shops. While walking around we saw three different couples taking pictures on their wedding day. Then it was time for lunch, and some of us who didn't want to eat at the hotel went to find a Pizza Hut. Surprisingly, the pizza tasted just like it did in the United States.

After lunch we got ready for our game and headed to the gym. Before warm ups many of the younger volleyball team members came up to us and asked us to take pictures. After taking pictures with them we traded t-shirts with them. Then we played the same team we played the first night.

We played less nervous than we did the first night, but they still got the better of us. After the game we returned to the hotel and now we are waiting to watch the All-Stars play their last game in Tianjin.

Tonight is our last night in Tianjin. Tomorrow we travel back to Beijing. It has been really nice in Tianjin -- everyone was so hospitable to us. The people at the hotel were so welcoming and always wanted to make us comfortable. Once, we were standing in the lobby waiting for the rest of our team, and the receptionist ushered us over to some couches to sit on while we waited.

We also got to see a lot of the different areas of Tianjin and we got a chance to play some really good volleyball teams. It has been fun spending time in Tianjin but I am also very excited to go back to Beijing!

Next time I write I'll be in Beijing!


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