Q&A with Junior Cross Country Runner Meghan Ginter

GO HUSKIES Junior Meghan Ginter and her teammatets are preparing for the MAC Championships on Oct. 27.
Junior Meghan Ginter and her teammatets are preparing for the MAC Championships on Oct. 27.

Oct. 23, 2007

Meghan Ginter, a junior Huskie cross country runner, took some time away from her class and practice schedule to talk with NIU media relations student Seon Brown about leadership, training, and the upcoming MAC Championships (Oct. 27 at Central Michigan).

How has this season been different for you than previous seasons?

"We don't really have a captain, but as an upperclassman I feel more obligated to step up and I like that. I have increased my mileage a little bit and that has been different. Other than those two things it's been the same."

What have you done to help your teammates along this season?

"We have two freshmen and they have helped us out a lot, I just help them out with any questions they have. Getting adjusted to college practice is tough because it is much more intense than high school, I just try to constantly encourage."

As an Academic All-MAC performer, what advice do you give the younger athletes about time management?

"That is probably what college athletics has taught me the most, time management skills. My advice is to work ahead when you can and at least have a plan; know what is coming up so that it does not get to be a last minute thing. Just basically try to stay on top of things and not get stressed out if possible."

Is the team doing anything special to get ready for the MAC Championships?

"We have decreased our mileage. We are tapering so that our legs will be fresh for Saturday. People get ready for the MAC differently, I get so pumped up and then I have to set my goals and relax and just do what I love."

Do you set goals before each race and if so what are they?

"Cross-country is a little different from track because every course is different, so times may vary. I usually say I want to be top-10 and a lot of times that will get you a T-shirt and that will be my motivation. We also have team goals, which will be to beat a particular team that we've faced before. When you see a person from that team you will do your best to catch that person."



Tell us something that most people would not know about cross-country.

"People think of it as a individual sport and it is not at all. Even if you are number nine and the only top-5 score points you are still important to the team. Your place still matters. Just having the encouragement of your teammates being there with you is huge in cross-country."

How do you get motivated for a big race?

"I may watch a movie, The Miracle, I love that movie. Before the race I listen to music like Nelly and Eminem before races and then the Bruce Springstein song, Born to Run. I always listen to that song."

Tell us something funny about cross country coach Mark McConeghey.

"There are a lot of funny things about coach. He has a bunch of weird saying for when you give him excuses. We always have to laugh at the stuff he comes up with."

What are the goals and expectations for the MAC Championship?

"We obviously want to have a better score than last year. We feel like we can beat some teams this year. I just wan to go out there and run the race of my life and hopefully come home with all-conference along with a better finish for the team."

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