Northern Illinois University Athletics constantly strives to present a positive 'front porch' for the entire community. Now, more than ever, Huskie Athletics is making an effort to find creative initiatives to unite and build relationships in the DeKalb and Sycamore area. One initiative we believe would be an ideal fit for any local business is our Gift-In-Kind (GIK) Program.

Huskie Athletics uses these donations to feed our student-athletes, recruits, coaches, and other staff for various events such as recruiting trips, team outings, and staff functions. The GIK Program allows local businesses to donate food in lieu of an annual cash contribution.

For a list of current Gift-In-Kind partners who support Huskie Athletics, please click here.

In return for a GIK donation, businesses receive numerous benefits which are listed below:

    1. 2,400+ visiting student-athletes, coaches, and trainers recommended to dine at your restaurant
    2. Signage on the official online information source for Northern Illinois University Athletics,, under our visitors' page, along with recognition on the Huskie Athletic Support Fund (HASF) page as a Gift-In-Kind partner. This website receives over 25 million views a year.
    3. Premium visibility to our 190,000 NIU Alumni in the Chicagoland area along with direct exposure to our 1,400 HASF Members
    4. Inclusion in the Restaurant Guide within the Visiting Team Guide for all visiting teams (throughout one academic year, NIU hosts hundreds of home contests)
    5. Our 475 student-athletes spending their personal money at your restaurant
    6. Our 143 staff members spending their personal money at your restaurant
    7. Recruits associating your restaurant as one of their first memories of DeKalb/Sycamore
    8. Our student-athletes, coaches, staff, and recruits bringing their friends and family to spend money at your restaurant
    9. Benefits from the Huskie Athletic Support Fund (HASF) at the appropriate level based on your contribution
    10. Having a strong tie to the community

Beyond the benefits of an association with Huskie Athletics and NIU, there are many other features we offer through this partnership, which could include:

    1. Inclusion in the "Huskies Helping Huskies" Directory provided to all HASF members (~1400). Businesses listed in this directory are at the $1,000 level and above.
    2. Priority seating for athletic events
    3. Free parking for football and basketball games
    4. Tax Deductions
    5. Advertising Opportunities

We truly believe that this partnership could be a win-win situation for any business, Huskie Athletics, and the DeKalb/Sycamore community.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the Gift-In-Kind Program further, please contact the HASF office at (815) 753-1923.

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