Loyalty Points System

The Loyalty Point System rewards the longevity and generosity of HASF donors. The person with the highest point total will be ranked #1. Donors can receive points for various criteria including, annual contributions to the HASF, season ticket purchases, former student-athlete, and alumni status. The goal of the Loyalty Point System is to appropriately recognize you, our valued Huskie supporter. Loyalty Points are only active for current HASF donors. Loyalty Points help determine season ticket locations as well as assign priority for post-season ticket opportunities (bowl game, NCAA Tournament).

Cumulative Giving

One (1) point per $100 donated to the HASF.

Season Ticket History

Two (2) points for each year being a paid season ticket holder (regardless of quantity) for football, men's basketball, and women's basketball (Starting in 2005).

Athletic Capital Projects

One (1) point per $1,000 donated to athletic capital projects.

Post-season Support

Five (5) points for each year of post-season ticket purchases (bowl games and NCAA Tournament games starting in 2005).

NIU Letterwinner

Five (5) points for being a former NIU student-athlete. This is a one-time allocation of points for any former NIU student-athlete who is a current HASF donor.

NIU Alumni

Five (5) points for being an NIU Alum. This is a one-time allocation of points for any NIU alum who is a current HASF donor.


Victor E. Huskie has been a donor to the HASF since 2006 and a football season ticket holder since 2007. Victor E. made a gift of $2,000 to the Yordon Center in 2007. His HASF donations have progressively gone up every year since joining: $500 (2006), $600 (2007), $800 (2008) and $1000 (2009). He purchased his Independence Bowl and International Bowl ticket(s) through the athletic department. Victor E. is also an NIU alum.

Victor E. Huskie Loyalty Point Calculation

HASF cumulative donations: $2,900 (since 2006)29 points
Football season ticket holder (since 2007)6 points
Capital projects: $2,000 (Yordon Center)2 points
Post-season ticket support (Independence Bowl, International Bowl)10 points
NIU Alum5 points

Total Loyalty Points52 points



If the HASF already has donor levels, what is the purpose of the point system?

The purpose of the Loyalty Point System is to quantify a donor's relationship with the athletic department for the purpose of seat locations, allocating of tickets, and post-season ticket opportunities. The Loyalty Point System will allow for an organized ranking of donors.

Do capital projects receive Loyalty Points?

Yes. Individuals who have made donations to the Yordon Center and other capital projects will receive credit provided they are current donors to the HASF. You must have a current annual gift in order to activate all points.

Season ticket records only go back to 2005, can I receive credit for purchases prior to that date?

Unfortunately due to poor historical records, NIU is unable to verify season ticket purchases prior to 2005. In order to try and remain fair to all donors, we can only use official records.

As a new donor, how do I obtain the best benefits available?

The quickest way to accumulate points is to maximize the amount of your current HASF annual gift. This will allow you to accumulate points rapidly as well as place you in the best possible position to receive HASF benefits. (i.e. Premium Club, away football game, bowl game, and post-season NCAA ticket opportunities)

My spouse and I are both NIU Alumni. Are we both awarded the 5 Loyalty points? Your points are calculated per account. In most cases, married couples have joint accounts. If couples have separate accounts, each would be awarded 5 Loyalty points. A maximum of 5 points is added to any one account for being an NIU Alum.

*The same is true for former NIU student-athletes who are married.

If I donated $2,500 to the Yordon Center and my HASF donation is $750, do you calculate half Loyalty Points?

We will actually round up your points so that we don't have half points.

How do I receive credit for post-season games I've attended?

You must have purchased your ticket(s) through NIU Athletics in order to receive credit for your Loyalty points.

I am not exactly sure as to how the points system works and how my points are calculated. Who can I talk to?

If you have specific or more detailed questions about the Loyalty Points System, please contact the HASF office at 815-753-1923.

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