Current Huskie Athletic Support Fund Donors

Huskie Athletic Support Fund Donors as of March 27, 2012:

Andy and Linda Hannigan
Whitman Catering
Carla Montgomery
Jerry and Betty Rich - Rich Harvest Farms
Doug and Lynn Roberts
Village Commons Bookstore
Zach Alesandrini
Rodney and Joyce Angotti
Gary and Gloria Baumgartner
Michael Brown
Illinois Women's Golf Association
Breck and Sheri Loos
Molly's SSK, Inc.
Dave Bovenzi
Dave and Dottie Broderick
David and B. Rae Buckley
Paul Burtness
Dee and Martha Collins
Jeff and Cathy Compher
Greg and Mary Ann Cull
Tom Harvey
Pete and Char Johnson
Paul and Karen Keglevic
Tom and Donna Kubik
Larry and Lois Leadley
Michael and Lynn Locke
John and Bobbie Marks
Jim Martin and Marie Petersons
Steve and Janice Miller
Pardridge Insurance, Inc.
Pizza Villa
Jeff and Lynda Rolczynski
American Realty
Bob Soltis
Marc J. Strauss
Len Tandaric
Jack and Cheri Tierney
Byron and Louise Von Hoff
Huskie Pride
Max and Jane Akerman
Rick Amato
Brad and Patricia Barenbrugge
Steve Barrett
Sheila Berg
Best Buy
Bockman's Auto Care
Debra and Dale Boughton
James and Karen Buck
Mort and Ann Carrel
Anita Cash
John and Audrey Chiricotti
Stanley Crane and Nancy Shuttleworth
Roger and Nancy Dutton
Jeff and Doreen Eckmann
Bob and Ellie Fletcher
Bruce and Bonnie Forster
Doug Foss
Sherman and Karen Goldenberg
Russell and Margaret Hill
Holiday Inn Express
Joseph Jesensky
Robert and Elena Jones
William LeFevre
Jim Lentz and Nancy Schuler
Carol and Jim McCann
Mark and Alex Montgomery
Brad Nemec
Dan and Mary Petersen
Risk Management Network, Inc. - Daniel Foltyniewicz
Jeff and Peggy Simonds
David and Karen Sinason
Christian and Julia Spears
Tom and Stacy Talsma
David and Jean Tess
John and Patricia Tuecke
University Women's Club
Lynne Waldeland
Daniel Wenc
Lori Wetzel
Bob and Norma Wildenradt
Huskie Pack
Dale and Mary Bowers
David and Kelli Brand
Nancy and Jack Dean
Chet Engebretson
Ralph Ermilio
James Fluckey
Norm and Marion Gilbert
John R. Hildebrandt, D.D.S.
Terrence and Janice Jenkins
Richard Joslin
Matthew and Susan Keeley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Minnihan
Jim and Dianne Moss
Ralph Murdy
Ken and Cheryl Muszynski
Bob and Cathy Rothkopf
John Telich
Rick Turner
Jerry and Georgianna Zakosek
Huskie Circle
Paul and Heidi Adams
Dominick and Judy Archer
Frank and Marilyn Bazeli
Shelley Binegar
Christopher and Kristie Bozin
Brian and Sherrill Brim
Dave and Susan Cudden
Dave and Sara Doeren
Steve and Cathy Doonan
Tom and Angeline Dryer
Kenneth Ewald
Don and Karen Finn
Ray and Stephanie Gooden
Steven and Nicole Gress
Art and Pat Guzzetta-In Memory of February 14th
Josh Haldi
Lawrence and Gloria Hill
Leland and Linda Hoffman
Joe and Marge Holoubek
Jason and Deborah Inman
Bernard Johnson
Charles and Maria Krull
Randy and Karen Lemcke
Bill and Karen Mathews
Terence and Lynn McCarthy
Janaan and Tim Mickey
Sam and Lisa Morreale
Mark and Jill Muhlhauser
Tom and Marilyn Nelson
Peter L. Regas, Attorney at Law
Terrance Quinn
Darren and Deborah Rabick
Marc and Teri Reid
Bill and Susan Schepler
Mark Shadrick
Ronald and Charlene Shelton
Pam Tyska
Phil and Jana Voorhis
Chris and Courtney Waltz
Weathervane Service
Harvey Yoder
Cardinal & Black
Matthew Altendorf
Mark and Karen Anderson
Erik and Purim Barnes
Mark and Patty Bava
John and Franki Behnke
Tom and Cindy Benson
Peter Berka
Tammie Birmann
David and Suzy Changnon
Tony and Micki Chulick
Mike and Janet Cook
Charles Crum
Sanford J. Dean
Julie and Steve Edwards
William and Dorothy Eiserman
Danny and Franne Freeman
Allen and Gini Gehant
Jeff and Leslie Hecht
Rich Huffman
Britt and Joyce James
Joe Koch
Lynn and Donna Laseman
Arnie and Sue Lehto
Steve and Cary Lekkas
Eric and Kim Luzzi
John and Shelly McKeon
Stephen and June Metzger
Charles and Alice Morgan
Michael Nolan
O'Leary's Irish Pub & Grill
Tom Pomatto
Charlene Riefler
Ray Roberts
Melvin and Penny Roth
Donald and Rebecca Scheuneman
Dan and Patricia Schmeda
Eric and Christy Schultz
Jim and Mary Ann Schwarzbach
Doug and Karen Semisch
Richard and Suzanne Silverman
Mallory Simpson and Gregory Schatzle
William and Lynn Sims
Raymond and Patricia Smerge
Thomas Sokolinski
Special FX of Sycamore
Fred and Sharon Todd
Ralph and Kathleen Tompkins
Jeffery and Margaret Tully
Walter and Karyl Tyler
Erich and Carrie Von Hoff
Tom and Julie Weber
Bud Weinstock
Kevin and Mary Whiteford
Jack and Janice Young
Andrew and Tania Young
James Zoda
David Acosta
Forrest and Jeri Anders
Alvy Armstrong
Dick and Dorothy Arnold
Arlene Barrett
Mark R. Beckmann
David Bengston
Monique Bernoudy
Carrie Blankenship
Cliff and Joan Bottigliero
Rich and Darlene Boyles
Larry and Betty Brink
Christopher Brown
Chad Buresh
Pete Caragher
Joe Conroy
Charles and Sherlyn Czachor
Steve and Kristy Determan
Mark DeTolve
Thomas and Cara Doherty
Neil and Anne Doughty
Scott Downing
John and Mary Lynn Espenmiller
Patrick and Tegan Fisher
Marsha Frese
Ralph and Bonnie Gestwicki
Lawrence and Mary Greb
Thomas and Susan Hamlink
Robert and Jessica Heck
Mike and Pam Hermsen
Timothy and Susan Higham
Steve and Debra Hill
Robert and Jacqueline Hopkins
Juan Ibarra
Doug Ihrke
Dave and April Kannenberg
Greg Larson
Phil Marcyn
Tracy and Nancy Marsh
Ed and Colleen Mathey
John D & Kay F McGinty
Jim and Lenore McKinzie
Jim and Treva McPhedran
Chad and Gretchen Nelson
Jay and Lou Ann Niemann
Brad and Ashley Ohrt
Martin Oosterbaan
Jay Orbik
John and Melanie Peterson
Daniel and Judy Piszczek
Tom Porten
Karen and Thomas Rivoli
Jenna Roberts
Jeff and Mary Lu Strack
Zach and Kali Sweers
Todd Townsend
Susan Trump
Donna Turner
Jacob and Amy Waddle
Robert Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Weiner
Chuck and Terry Wellman
Nancy Acker
Edward and Mira Amery
Susie Armbrust
Marvin and Susan Baker
Ivaldo and Belinda Basso
Jay and Donna Battaglia
Shannon Baugh
William and Sophia Bendush
Donald and Susan Bergsrud
Shelby Bernard
Garrett Biller
Paul and Sandy Blandford
Joe Borovich
Robert and Sandra Bosy
Dan Bovenzi
Julius and Joycelyn Brasini
John Bruno
Mark and Kathy Buettner
Joe and Sandra Busald
Rod Carey and Family
Dave and Faith Cashman
Lindsay Chouinard
Terry Cloke
Bob, Kathy, Zoe, and Bobby Cole
Kee and Laura Colen
Greg Compher
Ed Compher
Jeff and Mary Craig
Lou Dawkins
Mike and Sally DeFauw
Scott Donnelly
Kevin Dwyer
John and Lesslie Erickson
Pamela Farris
Dr. Doug Feldmann
Ryun Ferrell
Katie Freece
Karen Gehret
Michael and Linda Gold
Richard Greene
Scott and Barb Gresko
Dick and June Haselton
Ryan Hayman
Craig and Mary Hermanson
Lindsey and Jeff Hicks
Michael and Lauren Hill
Kelly Holihan
Joel Huffman
Robert and Denise Ianello
Frisman Jackson
John and Linda Jacobs
Elaine McNair Johansen
Billy and Betsy Jones
Steve Joslyn
Ben Kastler
Philip and Linda Keller
Timothy and Stephanie Kill
Edward and Ruth Knorring
Thomas and Amy Knorring
Wally and Joyce Kotvan
Michael Lambke
Jason Larson
Mark and Carrie Lindo
Matt Lipman
Carlton and Rita Little
Jeremiah Lorenz
Ryan Ludwig
John Lynch
Stephen and Mary Mandarich
Wayne and Julaine Markquart
Gary and Julie Marx
Richard McCarthy
Richard McNutt
Carolyn Miller
Dennis and Kathleen Mogensen
Randy and Sandra Moseley
Larry and Kathie Muhlhauser
Raymond and Randi Napientek
Tyler Nawrocki
Brad and Jan Neumann
Ryan Nielsen
Nick Noe
Fredric and Bernadette Oswald
Tim and Audrey Padden
William and Barbara Paschke
Rhonda Passolt
Daksha Patel
Dan and Coley Pawlikowski
Francis Phillips
Jennifer Pietrandrea
George and Antoinette Ragg
Gary Rangel
Jeremy Reid
James and Patricia Reiland
Rich Roberts
Pete and Anna Roley
Alton and Tricia Rollerson
Dennis and Sandra Sander
Paul and Kateri Schimbke
Tom and Trina Sellers
Jeff and Angie Sisson
Kyle Skarb
Lyle Sonnenschein
Robert and Mary Sterr
Fran Swierczewski
Sycamore Youth Baseball
Christopher and Kathleen Szczech
Roy W. Talbot
Connie Teaberry
Estella Templin
Fred and Sharon Terry
James Thorson
Thomas and Beth Tortorello
Drew and Leanne Vandecreek
Betty Williams
Tetsuo Yamanaka
Jerrold and Carol Zar
Loreen and Greg Zimmerman
Norris Zimmerman

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