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Huskie Happenings, the official online home for Northern Illinois Athletics, is pleased to announce the launch of a new blog, "Huskie Happenings." The section includes links to a daily newsstand, online chats, feature stories and interviews, game-day and multimedia information, promotions, calendars and much more. We hope this will become your first and last stop everyday for all the information you crave about Huskie Athletics!


Now that many of our student-athletes are back on campus, you never know who might stop by. Today, it was Chandler Harnish who swung by the office. He said he's had a good summer throwing with the wide receivers, and that in addition to the mandatory morning workouts, the team will be going through some player-run, voluntary practices in the evenings. Chandler said the team is focused on getting every competitive edge, and also keying on building a togetherness. He also said the freshmen are looking really good, and that they've all come to learn, get better, and compete.


Mid-American Conference commissioner Jon Steinbrecher, who began his duties on May 1, sat down with the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Elton Alexander for a question and answer session.  Read what he believes will be his biggest learning curve as commissioner of the MAC.


Kaylee Walters has posted her second blog from Senegal. The track and field student-athlete is spending her summer in Saint Louis, Senegal, volunteering with underprivileged children as a teacher and assisting a local youth track program. Here are some highlights from her second entry:

"I'm at the point where I finish a conversation with someone, and while walking away, I can't remember if I was speaking in English or in French--and almost always it was in French. Not to mention I often find myself beginning to write in French in my journal."

"One of the teachers, Cheikh Tioliane Camara, from a school nearby talked with me for a long time at the meet and pretty much summed up the program. Forgive the rough translation: 'if the kids aren't on the soccer team, they have nothing. This track program helps those kids find something fun, interesting, and rewarding to do to keep them preoccupied and off of the streets.'"


College Football News posted this uber-preview of the 2009 Huskies over the weekend. It's filled to the brim with position-by-position previews, as well as an overall look at this year's team. Here are some highlights:

"The question is whether or not NIU is ready to take another step forward or if more building needs to be done."

"And then there's quarterback Chandler Harnish, the team's leading rusher last year and a good all-around playmaker who was asked to do too much as a freshman. While he won't get the publicity of the other top MAC quarterbacks, he could turn out to be one of the most effective players for what NIU wants to do. What NIU wants to do is win."

Also, the New York Times' has a football blog ("The Quad" it's called), and is counting down all the FBS programs in the country, from 120 to 1. NIU checked in at No. 80 on the list, and you can read The Quad's complete preview here.


Event Calendar
Women's Track
Saturday, June 25 vs USA Junior Nationals
Women's Track
Friday, Jul 1 vs Jamaican Olympic Trials
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